M. EVELEIN, H.J.M. RUIJSSENAARS, 1985-1991, Max Euweplein 62, Amsterdam
Casino Amsterdam, Lido / Casino Amsterdam, Lido ( M. Evelein, H.J.M. Ruijssenaars )
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After years of discussion, protest and rejected plans, this former prison complex was finally allocated for shops, houses and a casino. The new shopping and recreation area exfoliates from the cruciform House of Detention.
Connecting an old villa with a new complex is the Lido, a combination of a restaurant offering floor shows, a brasserie and a straightforward restaurant, on top of which stands the Casino. lts main space is the large round gaming hall, whose interior is many-hued and exuberantly shaped, particularly the roof structure. The entry zone is discovered behind a screen front on the canal (Singelgracht) and contains the principal stairs and relaxation areas. The existing villa was the stepping-off point for the facade architecture.