DIVERSE ARCHITECTEN, 1989-1991, Straat van Ormoes/Straat van Malakka, Delft
Twee Onder een Dak / Twee Onder een Dak ( Diverse architecten )
© 2006 Rook & Nagelkerke
In 1989 the designer’s association Delft Design organized together with Delft Town Development a competition for semi-detached houses, after which 12 mostly young architects were able to get their schemes built. The most eye-catching of these are the twin villas erected in stainless steel and glass by cepezed. In this basic rectangular box, a fixed service block for ablutions and cooking placed along the diagonal extends up through all three storeys. The building is not just a technological statement by Jan Pesman, a leading light in Dutch High-Tech; it is functional, inhabitable and spatially interesting too.

Projects: J.G. Pontier (Straat van Malakka 62/64), L. Verboom (Straat van Malakka 66-68), B. Galis (Straat van Malakka 70/72), W.A. Nieuwpoort (Straat van Ormoes 137/139), F.I.G. Bos (Straat van Ormoes 141/143), cepezed (Straat van Ormoes 145-147), C.A.M. Reijers (Straat van Ormoes 149-151), A.A.M. Voets (Straat van Ormoes 153-155)