MAASKANT, VAN DOMMELEN, KROOS, 1965-1972, Prof. Cobbenhagenlaan 205, Tilburg
Kunstacademie Tilburg / Arts Academy Tilburg ( Maaskant, Van Dommelen, Kroos )
© 2006 Jan Derwig
The square block comprising this arts academy divides into two L-shaped volumes of classrooms enfolding a central open space. The great size of the main hall has been achieved by combining the canteen and the exhibition area. Stairs and galleries enrich the hall with visual incident. Facades are of precast concrete cladding panels with ribbon glazing. Most impressive is the sloping, strongly modulated glass facade on the north side behind which are the studios. Otherwise the language is one of restraint: untreated concrete and concrete block, timber window frames and black floors. The arts academy moved out in 2005; having attained local listed status in 2003, the building was safe from demolition and houses educational facilities after renovation.