D. VAN PEIJPE (DS+V) I.S.M. J.P.C. GLISSENAAR, G.J. HOORN, 1998-2000, Westblaak, Rotterdam
Skatepark Westblaak / Skate Park Westblaak ( D. van Peijpe (dS+V) i.s.m. J.P.C. Glissenaar, G.J. Hoorn )
© 2007 Rook & Nagelkerke
With most of its cobblestone streets replaced with asphalt Rotterdam is now skate city number one. Indeed, the once largely unused central reservation of Westblaak in the heart of the city now boasts a skate park with asphalt in vivid colours (to a graphic design by 75b) and stainless steel banks and halfpipes. On site are a container of lendable toys designed by Joost Glissenaar for the national Duimdrop project with accompanying caretaker's shelter as part of a Rotterdam-wide scheme, and Jeroen Hoorn's refreshment pavilion at the intersection with Karel Doormanstraat. The pavilion's facades employ the gabion system, a cage of wire mesh filled with stones and in this case chunks of blue glass which affect the interior lighting in surprising ways.