A. VAN DER STEUR, W.A.C. HERMAN DE GROOT, K.I. RUIGE, 1941-1949, Schiedamse Vest 180, Rotterdam
Oogziekenhuis / Eye Hospital ( A. van der Steur, W.A.C. Herman de Groot, K.I. Ruige )
© 2007 Rook & Nagelkerke
Construction of a new eye hospital began during the war although it would not be completed until 1949. It combines a tall front facade with two less-tall portions, the right-hand one enfolding a courtyard and the left-hand one being an extension seamlessly grafted on in 1959. The main entrance is marked by a tower graced with a wrought-iron sculpture of a shining sun rising from behind dark clouds. The concrete frame is clad in yellowish-grey brick. Precast concrete elements decoratively patterned enliven the facades. A row of balconies borne aloft by barrel vaults and brackets gives the building the air of an Italian palazzo. When the hospital was renovated in 2005, the interior was brightened up with sayings printed in large letters, colour fields and art works into a 'folk museum for ocular art'.