BURO SANT EN CO; BUTZELAAR VAN SON, ARCHITECTEN, 2009-2011, Vierhavensstraat, Rotterdam
Parkboulevard Big Shops/Dakpark / Parkboulevard Big Shops/Dakpark ( Buro Sant en Co; Butzelaar Van Son, Architecten )
© 2011 Ossip van Duivenbode
A disused railyard in the western docklands was replaced with an unusual example of dual land use: a park for the local Bospolder community on top of the roof of a commercial strip. The latter is 650 metres long and intended for relatively large stores of between 800 and 5000 m², such as supermarkets and furniture stores. On the street side the stores have a double-height glass facade in a brick surround; they are supplied via a delivery lane at the rear. On the first floor, above and behind the shops, is a car park with 750 spaces. A massive concrete structure supports the rooftop park featuring lawns, water features, trees and a playground. Beside the greenhouse-style café pavilion is stair linking the park with the shops.