DIVERSE ARCHITECTEN, 1982-1986, De Fantasie 1-10, Almere-Stad
Experimentele woningbouw De Fantasie / Experimental Temporary Housing De Fantasie ( Diverse architecten )
In 1982 a committee calling itself De Fantasie (‘fantasy’) held a competition for ‘unusual homes’. The brief called for experimental, freestanding, temporary houses that need not satisfy legal regulations or official standards. The winners (not only professional architects) each received a sum of money and a plot of land on loan. The success of De Fantasie prompted a second, more extensive version at another site three years later, this time under the name De Realiteit (‘reality’). Almost all the prize-winning submissions have been built over the years, often by the designers themselves and sponsored by suppliers of building materials. The results vary widely in nature and quality, yet all possess the charm of an idea directly translated into built terms. In De Fantasie the most striking houses are Jan Benthem’s own house (since enlarged) with its loadbearing toughened-glass walls and René van Zuuk’s more recently built expressive dwelling. House X, also by Van Zuuk, was added in 2005 at a second released site.
Projects De Fantasie: 1 J. van Staaden (Nenohi no tana, 2001), 2 P. Loerakker, D. Bruijne (A82), 4 J.G.C. Abbo (Koepel-paneelhuis), 5 D. Kinkel (Onder de 16), 6 R.J. de Kloe, W. Heijligers, F.G. van Hoeken, W. van Rijn (Conform), 7 G. Bakker, E. van Leersum (Twee + Plus), 8 R.H. van Zuuk (House X, 2005-2008), 9 R.H. van Zuuk (Psyche, 1993), 10 Benthem Crouwel (Hardglas, eigen woonhuis Benthem)