DIVERSE ARCHITECTEN, 1985-1991, Stationsweg/Hoefkade/Jan Blankenstraat, Den Haag
Stadsvernieuwing Stationsbuurt / Urban Redevelopment Stationsbuurt ( Diverse architecten )
© 1994 Rook & Nagelkerke
For ten years beginning in 1985 the district between Hollands Spoor station and the Rijswijkseplein traffic intersection was the scene of wholesale urban regeneration. In the first phase, the area between Stationsplein and Hoefkade was revamped to an urban design by Van Herk & De Kleijn and now contains three elongated blocks of housing by Mecanoo and DAK. This ensemble is terminated on the station side by an apartment building by Van Herk & De Kleijn that straddles the three blocks. On Hoefkade stands a market hall designed by dak. Scattered about the area are various projects by the Liège architect Charles Vandenhove; his classicist architecture can be admired at the corner of Stationsweg/Hoefkade and in a tranquil court off Van Hogendorpstraat. Carel Weeber for his part designed a tower block of student housing on Rijswijkseplein. Typically for Weeber, the tile pattern designed by artist Peter Struycken was slagged by the local amenities authority, and made way for a less 'busy' variant. Jo Coenen provided the large oval block of housing between the station and Rijswijkseplein.