TH.L. KANTERS, -1894, Van Vollenhovenstraat 15, Rotterdam
Westelijk Handelsterrein / Westelijk Handelsterrein ( Th.L. Kanters )
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Behind the stately facades of the 'shipping quarter' (Scheepvaartkwartier, between The Park and the Erasmus Bridge) lies Westelijk Handelsterrein, a 19th-century complex of split-level warehouses with grass roofs. The 36 storage depots are six metres wide with a depth of 25 metres on the left-hand side and almost 40 metres on the right-hand side. These were reached through a gateway, later modified to accommodate lorries. It was the brainchild of J.C.A. Hol, the director of a warehousing company (Blaauwhoedenveem), who until 1910 lived in the house on the street side. In 2001 the complex gained a glass roof and was recast as a trendy leisure zone. Restaurants, cafés, galleries and dance clubs now adjoin its central roofed space.