DIVERSE ARCHITECTEN, 1991-1994, Schutterstraat, Delft
Woningbouw Schutterstraat / Housing Schutterstraat ( Diverse architecten )
© 2006 Rook & Nagelkerke
These 17 town houses were designed by 15 architects to certain rules of play fixed by the project's supervisor, Fons Verheijen. The different players interpreted these rules freely, resulting in a gratifyingly varied urban elevation or a vision of chaos, according to taste. The major attention-grabber is the house at number 9 with its convex facade plane of Delftware tiles and glazing and a rippling eaves line. In stark contrast are the high-tech house of steel, aluminium and glass (no.3) and the back-to-basics studio house with partly loamed walls cladding a timber frame at number 1. The twin houses (nos.35/37 and 25/27) were designed by one architect per pair as single units; two other lots (nos.31/33 and 15/17) have two houses per plot. In Verheijen's own apartment block the base contains a restaurant and a cinema, with housing above accessed from a glazed buffer zone extending the full height and breadth of the block and seguing into the recast public gardens (Doelentuinen).

Projects: E. Israels (BOOM) (nr.1), cepezed (nr.3), De Jong Hoogveld De Kat (nr.5), T. Siemerink (nr.7), Molenaar & Van Winden (nr.9), Van Roosmalen Van Gessel (nr.11/13), P.J.A. van Slobbe (nr.15/17), Hoenders Dekkers Zinsmeister (nr.19), J.A.M. de Witte (nr.21), E.F. Böhtlingk (nr.23), B. Gremmen (nr.25/27), Chr. de Weijer (Mecanoo) (nr.29), T. van Bergen (nr.31/33), W.A. Nieuwpoort (nr.35/37), P.M.J. van Swieten (nr.39), A.P.J.M. Verheijen (cinema and housing)