A.C.C.G. VAN HEMERT (HBG), 1899-1908, Vijverhofstraat, Rotterdam
Hofpleinviaduct/Hofbogen / Hofplein Viaduct; Hofbogen ( A.C.C.G. van Hemert (HBG) )
© 2007 Rook & Nagelkerke
This concrete viaduct was constructed at the turn of the century by the then new Zuid-Holland electric railway company (ZHESM) for a rail link between Hofplein and Scheveningen. Almost two kilometres long, it is one of the first large concrete structures in the Netherlands. The enterprise specially set up to construct it would later become the HBG construction company. The viaduct consists of 189 arches, whose openings were colonized by warehouses, shops and companies. In 1918, J.J.P. Oud as City Architect drew up a plan to erect temporary housing between the arches. Hofplein station, designed by J.P. Stok, perished during the wartime bombing raid and since then its successor designed by Van Ravesteyn has been demolished. The arrival of Randstadrail has made the Hofplein Viaduct redundant.