P.B. DE BRUIJN (DE ARCHITEKTEN CIE.) I.S.M. DIVERSE ARCHITECTEN, 2000-2008, Roomweg e.o., Enschede
Roombeek / Roombeek ( P.B. de Bruijn (de Architekten Cie.) i.s.m. diverse architecten )
Particulier opdrachtgeverschap Lonnekerspoorlaan  © 2008 Rook & Nagelkerke
On May 13 2000, SE Fireworks in the Roombeek area of Enschede was blown sky-high. Two hundred houses were destroyed and 1500 seriously damaged. The explosion razed to the ground an area of 63 hectares. Work then began under the supervision of Pi de Bruijn on the design of a new district for the affected residents that would stand in good stead with the original buildings and how things used to be. The housing by Molenaar & Van Winden measures up particularly well. Some workers' dwellings in the Roomveldje area have been retained and restored. On the whole, the plan adheres to the original street pattern, with the old railway line returning as a dedicated bus lane. A number of factory buildings have taken on new duties, in a nod to Enschede's industrial past. Part of what used to be the Menko textile factory has been recast as housing by Erik Knippers. A cotton bale storage warehouse once belonging to De Bamshoeve spinning mill is to be converted into a museum dedicated to the Dutch writer and artist Jan Cremer. Several noteworthy ensembles grace the district's centre, including Claus & Kaan's care cluster, SeARCH's culture cluster and a retail and services cluster designed by the German firm of Hübner-Forster-Hübner. Private patronage has provided 80 plots on Lonnekerspoorlaan; the latter-day takes on the traditional canal house were designed under the strictest conditions, that is, in brick, no more than four storeys high and atop an 80 centimetre plinth. The cream of the Dutch architectural crop - Benthem Crouwel, Bolles+Wilson, Branimir Medic and Pero Puljiz of de Architekten Cie., Erick van Egeraat - have created some remarkable detached houses on 13 plots in Museumlaan. The house designed by 2012 Architects is assembled entirely from the products of local demolition.