DIVERSE ARCHITECTEN, 1982-1992, Weena, Rotterdam
Weena-gebied / Weena Area ( Diverse architecten )
A. Bonnema  © 2007 Rook & Nagelkerke
For years the Weena had been an empty expanse in the city centre. Then within the space of five years it burgeoned into a metropolitan boulevard complete with high-rise along American lines. The street profile has been narrowed by the development on the north side above the metro tube, and by a new front line of buildings on the south side. Most of the buildings are offices, with only part of the planned housing seeing the light of day. The south side of Weena has had several buildings designed along it in front of the existing street elevation, narrowing the boulevard from 90 metres to 60. There used to be a deer park behind De Doelen concert hall from 1970 to 1981. This site is now occupied by the Plaza Complex. The last high-rise to be built on Weena took its place on the corner of Kruisplein some years after the flurry of construction: the Millennium Tower.
Projects: A. Bonnema (Hoofdkantoor Nationale-Nederlanden, 1986-1991), J. Hoogstad (Hoofdkantoor Unilever, 1988-1992), W. Couzijn (Kunstwerk ‘Belichaamde Eenheid’, 1963), J. Hoogstad (Woongebouw, 1987-1990), Klunder Architecten (Weenatoren, 1982-1990), Klunder Architecten (Weenahuis, 1983-1987), C.G. Dam (Woongebouw, 1981-1984), W. de Kooning (Drie sculpturen ‘Zittende Vrouw’, 1969-1984; ‘Opstaande figuur’, 1969-1992; ‘Staand figuur’, 1969-1994), ZZ&P (Hoofdkantoor Stad Rotterdam, 1985-1990), P.B. de Bruijn (de Architekten Cie.) (Parkeergarage, 1987-1988), H.A. Maaskant, F.W. de Vlaming (Hilton Hotel, 1960-1964), J.J.M. Klompenhouwer (Brouwer Steketee) (Kantoorgebouw, 1986-1993), H.A. Maaskant (Weenagebouw, 1966-1968), Ellerman, Lucas, Van Vugt (Plazacomplex, 1984-1992), Webb, Zerafa, Menkes, Housden (Millenniumtoren, 1997-2000)