A.J. KROPHOLLER, 1928-1948, Diverse locaties, Medemblik
Raadhuizen van Kropholler / Municipal Halls by Kropholler  ( A.J. Kropholler )
Medemblik  © 2006 Jan Derwig
When designing the ten municipal halls scattered across the Netherlands, the traditionalist Kropholler sought the 'perennial values of the Dutch building art' and a 'craftsmanly processing and application of local materials'. The traditional means he used for one of the best known, in Medemblik, are its raised position on the axis of Nieuwstraat, the use of brick, the stepped gables and dormer windows, the heavy timber door with its wrought ironwork, allegorical sculpture and the centrally placed municipal coat of arms. Yet the detailing, most notably the well-nigh Romanesque restraint of the interior, betrays Kropholler's admiration for Berlage. Kropholler liked to work with tall stepped gables (Medemblik, Waalwijk, Noordwijkerhout and Wateringen). The later municipal halls from Leidschendam onwards have a steeply rising, slightly concave pavilion roof.
Projecten: 1 Herenweg 4, Noordwijkerhout (1928-1930, P.A.M. Siebers (medew.)), 2 Raadhuisplein 2, Waalwijk (1929-1931, L. Zijl (b.k.), B & D Architekten (uitbr.)), 3 Plein 13, Wateringen (1937-1938, J.C. Altorf (b.k.)), 4 Pastoor Vullinghsplein 1, Grubbenvorst (1938), 5 Raadhuisplein 1, Leidschendam (1939-1940, R.J. Veendorp (medew.)), 6 Venrayseweg 2, Wanssum (1939-1940), 7 Koningsplein 3, Asten (1940), 8 Dam 4, Medemblik (1940-1942, J. Rädecker (b.k.)), 9 Stationsweg 1, Grouw (1941-1942, Tj. Visser (b.k.)), 10 Raadhuisplein 1, Arcen (1946-1949, R.J. Veendorp (medew.))