W. VAN TIJEN, S.J. VAN EMBDEN, 1960-1964, Drienerlolaan 5, Enschede
Campus TU Twente / Technical University Campus ( W. van Tijen, S.J. van Embden )
Art Wim T. Schippers 1972  © 2006 Arthur Blonk
The Technische Universiteit in Drienerlo is the only university in the Netherlands to resort to the campus principle. The underlying premise was to spare as much as possible of the rural quality of the landed property between Enschede and Hengelo. College buildings and student accommodation are slotted as freestanding features into the wooded setting. At the centre are communal facilities including a sports complex, student kitchen and modest shopping centre. The main building is set on the central axis between the main entrance and the centre. College buildings are to the east side, student digs to the west side of this axis. For the individual buildings the two supervisors Van Tijen and Van Embden enlisted the help of young architects of the 'Forum' generation including Piet Blom, Joop van Stigt, Leo Heijdenrijk and Herman Haan. As a result the campus is a miniature open air museum of Forum architecture, particularly the structuralist branch. Other major projects there were the work of what was then Van Embden's office, OD 205: the partly demolished complex of workshops, a variant on the 'W-hal' at Eindhoven University and the sturdy Physics Building. With the 1990s came a new spate of building, to begin with mainly by Jeanne Dekkers of EGM, who turned out a string of remarkable, playfully geometric buildings. Since 2000 the cluster of educational buildings has been renovated and densified in phases to a masterplan by Hoogstad Architecten.
Projects: W. van Tijen (Hoofdgebouw voor Bestuur en Beheer, Drienerlolaan, 1964), W. van Tijen (Student Accommodation, Calslaan, 1964), N.P.H.J. Roorda van Eysinga, S.J. van Embden, J.L.C. Choisy, H.G. Smelt, J.E.B. Wittermans (OD 205), J.P.Th. Dekkers (EGM) (uitbr.) (Hall Block, De Achterhorst, 1962-1964), P. Blom (Student Restaurant, Campuslaan, 1962-1964), J. van Stigt (Staff canteen, Dienstweg, 1963-1965), H.P.C. Haan (Student Accommodation, Reelaan, 1964-1965), Tj. Hazewinkel (Student Accommodation, Campuslaan, 1967), OD 205 (Gebouw voor Elektrotechniek en Fysica, Langenkampweg, 1967), D. van Mourik, J.W. du Pon (Gebouw voor Werktuigbouwkunde, De Achterhorst, 1966-1968), P. Blom, R. Blom van Assendelft, L.L. Lafour (Student Restaurant De Bastille, De Hems, 1964-1969), H.P.C. Haan (Sport- en winkelcentrum, Calslaan, 1969), H.P.C. Haan (Stafwoningen, Reelaan, 1969), Verster Dijkstra Loerakker (VDL) (Cultureel Centrum De Vrijhof, Drienerlolaan, 1970), H.P.C. Haan (Studentenhuisvesting, Langenkampweg/Matenweg, 1972), L.J. Heijdenrijk, J. Mol (Environmental Design) (Applied Mathematics Department, De Zul, 1970-1973), W.T. Schippers (Kunstwerk, Campuslaan, 1979), J.P.Th. Dekkers (EGM) (Gebouw voor Informatica, Toegepaste Onderwijskunde, De Achterhorst, 1983-1985), J.P.Th. Dekkers (EGM) (Congres/Studiecentrum Drienerburght, Campuslaan/Oude Drienerloweg, 1987), J.P.Th. Dekkers (EGM) (Crèche De Vlinder, Campuslaan, 1989), Claus & Kaan, M.D. van Wensveen (oorspr. ontw.) (Student Accommodation, Calslaan 44-56, 1996-1997)