H. WACHTER PZN., -1825ca, Honingerdijk 84, Rotterdam
Arboretum Trompenburg / Arboretum Trompenburg ( H. Wachter Pzn. )
© 2007 Rook & Nagelkerke
This botanic garden of trees takes its name from Trompenburg, the Kralingen villa demolished in 1833, where the famous 17th-century admiral Maarten Tromp is said to have lived. James Smith the shipbroker had a new villa built on this strip of reclaimed land. Part of the site had already been landscaped in the Romantic style in 1825. In about 1870 a second part was landscaped by the family firm of Zocher. A third lot was laid out in a formal style from 1920 onwards. Enlargements in 1965 and 1993 put the total area now at six hectares. The arboretum includes important collections of oak, beech and holly. Benthem Crouwel designed the entrance building. A gardener's house, a simple brick structure with a pitched roof on Oostzeedijk, was designed by J.B. van Loghem, one of the protagonists of the Dutch Modern Movement. According to Van Loghem this is unquestionably a functionalist design 'in that the functional demands in question have been met in all respects in an entirely unforced way.'