NEUTELINGS RIEDIJK, 2000-2005, Lloydstraat 300, Rotterdam
Scheepvaart- en Transportcollege / Shipping and Transport College ( Neutelings Riedijk )
© 2007 Rook & Nagelkerke
The new premises of the Shipping and Transport College have gathered together in one prominent place a number of institutes of learning formerly scattered across the city. The 2000 or so students receiving secondary and higher vocational education here have a magnificent view out over their future field of operation. The cantilevered apex of the blue and white checked building, which has everything of a periscope, contains the lecture hall. The broad low-rise portion is given over to practical classrooms, simulation spaces, sports halls and a large canteen. Vertical circulation among the 16 storeys is by way of escalators set centrally in the building. The facade is assembled from elements measuring 3.6 x 3.8 metres: white and blue aluminium panels, glass and perforated profiled sheets. Inside, sturdy materials such as timber, steel and canvas prevail along with sundry associations with the shipping world. For example, the acoustics in the lecture hall are regulated by cladding the walls with red air cushions. The rooms have portholes and wall units that refer to ship's timbers. Ship's benches assembled from wooden slats stand here and there.