KCAP I.S.M. DIVERSE ARCHITECTEN, 1993-2009, Wijnhaven/Scheepmakershaven, Rotterdam
Stedenbouwkundig plan Wijnhaven / Urban Design Wijnhaven ( KCAP i.s.m. diverse architecten )
© 2008 Rook & Nagelkerke
The area centred on Wijnhaven was built up with office blocks after the Second World War. Situated near the city centre and the river, it has been earmarked as a prime residential site since the late 1980s. Kees Christiaanse's urban strategy lays down the rules of play for developing the area. These include retaining intact the post-war structure of blocks to a height of 20 metres. Above that, there is a restricted available volume of 35 cubic metres per square metre of owned land, the only option being slim-line high-rise. The first buildings to arrive on site are HM Architecten's three Waterstadtorens (Harbour Village apartment towers) and Taco Pino’s Scheepmakerstoren. Christiaanse himself is responsible for The Red Apple. In 2014 100Hoog by Klunder Architecten was realised.