DIVERSE ARCHITECTEN, -1990, Muziekwijk, Almere-Stad
Woningbouw Bouw-RAI 1 / Housing Bouw-RAI 1 ( Diverse architecten )
© 1993 Rook & Nagelkerke
In 1990 eighteen architects were given the opportunity to put their ideas about dwelling in the 1990s into practice. As part of the two-yearly building materials fair in Amsterdam’s RAI complex each was allotted a block in the Muzenwijk, a district in Almere Stad. The results had to be lettable or saleable properties and conform to existing standards. Within these limits, entrants were asked to examine new dwelling forms. The most fashionable at the time (and the most passé now) are Archipel Ontwerpers’ postmodern multi-lifestyle units. Mecanoo’s refined neomodern larger-than-standard houses offer within the traditional two-bay typology the most space for modification in function and internal arrangement. In constructional terms Fons Verheijen’s steel facades and Teun Koolhaas’s aluminium stair towers, facades and roof structure are the most arresting.
Projects: T. Koolhaas (Wessel Ilckenstraat), H. Hertzberger (Wessel Ilckenstraat), A.P.J.M. Verheijen (Glenn Millerweg), E.B. Vreedenburgh, Archipel Ontwerpers (Duke Ellingtonstraat/Benny Goodmanstraat), Inbo (Duke Ellingtonstraat), Mecanoo (Benny Goodmanstraat)