W.M. DUDOK, -1933, Afsluitdijk 1, Afsluitdijk
Monument Afsluitdijk / Monument ( W.M. Dudok )
© 2006 Jan Derwig
The construction of the Afsluitdijk signalled the start of drainage of the Zuiderzee, since known as IJsselmeer. The last section of dyke in place is marked by a monument designed by Dudok. A horizontal observation platform looks out over the conquered sea. Counterbalancing this is a half-concrete, half-glass tower with stairs leading up to a lookout post with a view of the dyke and the mud-flats. At each end of the dyke is a series of discharge sluices designed by the architect Roosenburg, consisting of concrete machine rooms in solemn ranks with steel sluice gates slung in-between.