OMA, WEST 8 I.S.M. DIVERSE ARCHITECTEN, 1994-2004, Nonnenveld, Het Bolwerk e.o., Breda
Stedenbouwkundig plan Chasséterrein / Urban Design Chassé Site ( OMA, West 8 i.s.m. diverse architecten )
The release by the Dutch Ministry of Defence of this large plot of land after many years’ use opened the way to realizing a high-grade urban development bordering on the old town. OMA masterplanned the area as a campus, siting urban blocks freely in the space, each with its own typology and designed by a different practice. The whole sits atop a large underground parking facility. The ground plane between the blocks is virtually car-free, with the car park roof fitted out as a public plaza interspersed with semi-public gardens. Altogether, the plan comprises some 650 housing units, 1500 parking spaces and 8000 square metres of commercial premises. OMA went on to design the underground car park and a quadrangle of housing in the centre of the site. West 8 did the landscaping.