SOETERS VAN ELDONK PONEC, R.H.M. UYTENHAAK, 1998-2010, Piet Smitkade e.o., Rotterdam
Woningbouw De Veranda / Housing De Veranda ( Soeters Van Eldonk Ponec, R.H.M. Uytenhaak )
© 2004 Rook & Nagelkerke
This district of 1200 housing units grouped round seven residential courts occupies the site of the former Piet Smit shipyard in the bend of the River Maas. Two tall buildings set at right angles, one rising in height and the other descending, and a less-tall portion of urban villas hug a raised court. The housing blocks are the work of various architects yet present a unified composition in their adherence to the strict urban 'rules of play' and consensus on the materials used. The district is separated from Feijenoord football stadium by a row of commercial buildings with Soeters's multiplex cinema at its centre. This row links arms with the string of businesses further along the Maas.
Projects: C.G. Dam, R.H.M. Uytenhaak, K. Rijnboutt, R. Steenhuis, Inbo (housing blocks), Soeters Van Eldonk Ponec (Police Station, Pathé De Kuip 2002; 2003), P. de Ruiter (Car Parking, Guus Broxstraat, 2006)