J.R.A. KOOPS (GEMEENTEWERKEN ROTTERDAM), 1947-1953, Meent/Haagseveer, Rotterdam
Stadstimmerhuis Rotterdam / Stadstimmerhuis Rotterdam ( J.R.A. Koops (Gemeentewerken Rotterdam) )
© 1955 Stadsarchief Rotterdam
In 2009 OMA won the commission for the redevelopment of the old Stadstimmerhuis. The original 1953 municipal office on Meent and Haagseveer, designed by municipal architect J.R.A. Koops, was restored, while a later extension on Rodezand was demolished and replaced by a mixed-use building containing shops, offices and apartments. The extension comprises a ‘floating cloud’ of glass cubes supported on two steel feet, allowing the ground floor space to be largely free of columns. This public space, containing shops, municipal services as well as Museum Rotterdam, is bisected by an arcade that forms a new link between Coolsingel and the Laurenskwartier.