DIVERSE ARCHITECTEN, 1986-1992, Solidarnoscstraat e.o., Haarlem
Woningbouw Zuiderpolder / Housing Zuiderpolder ( Diverse architecten )
© 2006 Jan Derwig
It was Wiek Röling, City Architect to Haarlem, who set aside part of the Zuiderpolder development for experimental housing. Though the most experimental projects, cepezed's freestanding industrialized units and Hertzberger's floating homes, were never built, the results are rewarding all the same. The principal attention-grabber is Koen van Velsen's block of terrace flats whose oblique lines threaten to send it toppling. Other projects offer interesting variations on the traditional terraced housing. Van Herk & De Kleijn's extremely long, gently curving pink rendered block visually terminates the development. Van Aalderen & Jonges' housing takes a more restrained line. That of Van Sambeek & Van Veen consists of broad units (7.2 metres), maisonettes and penthouses with a large roof garden marching across three maisonettes. The houses are accessed by straight stairs hugging the brick frontage within a zone defined by steel columns and wind shields.