J. GRATAMA, G. VERSTEEG, A.R. HULSHOFF, 1922-1927, Mercatorplein e.o., Amsterdam
Plan West / Plan West ( J. Gratama, G. Versteeg, A.R. Hulshoff )
This development of 6000 dwellings was brought about by private enterprise. Armed with standard plans and a uniform concrete structure 16 architects made designs that consisted largely of facades. As brick was the prescribed material, many masterpieces of Amsterdam School architecture are to be found here. A 'committee of three' (two architects and the head of Public Works) supervised both architecture and urban design, guaranteeing the unity desired for this city district.
Projects: 1 Mercatorplein, H.P. Berlage, 2 C.J. Blaauw, 3 M. Staal-Kropholler, 4 Hoofdweg, H.Th. Wijdeveld, 5 J.M. van der Mey, 6 J.F. Staal, 7 F.B. Jantzen Gzn., 8 J. Roodenburgh, 9 Hoofddorpplein, J.M. van der Mey, 10 Heineke & Kuipers (demolished), 11 C.F.G. Peters, 12 G.J. Rutgers, 13 P.L. Kramer